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An Alejandro concert will find him playing for hours and draining himself and his audience with his performance. They can be full on punk sets and then he can stop it all on a dime and tear the room?s collective heart out with a sparse, harrowing confessional. In between, there may be lots of moments of him getting his glam rocks off by digging into the Ian Hunter or Bowie songbook. He can show up with just himself and a guitar, his huge chamber rock orchestra, a lean and mean rock and roll combo, or a string quartet. He can whip out every one of his songs ten different ways, depending on the mood, and they will jump into the rumble seat of your gut every time.

"Musically, Alejandro Escovedo is in his own genre." David Fricke Rolling Stone

"Alejandro Escovedo takes a song and makes it absolutely his own, and he swings easily from rocking numbers to slow songs played with elegant sadness. His versatility in things musical is a joy to hear and see. He?s one of the best I know about, one of those songwriters whose words I never tire of. Wherever I go, people talk about him with awe. Even if he takes me someplace beyond lonely for a while, that?s okay, because I know, like Alejandro, that hearts like ours were made to be broke." Larry Brown, Men?s Journal

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