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Activity erupted the floor of the Stock Exchange and the Artsy Index soared as False Profit, LLC and Missing Piece announced the second incarnation of Alchemy. This flood of activity, however, was not the usual buying and selling.

Several men in business casual were spotted making origami while a large circle of traders watched a walk-off between representatives from several Fortune 500s. Easels sprouted up in the atrium while fortunes built on towers of Legos rose and fell. One bewildered Exchange administrator was heard shouting, “Ok. Who here brought the arc welder?!” It was the most activity the Exchange has ever seen.

“My mind is melting like a Dali clock,” observed one trader, overwhelmed by the unprecedented rise in the Artsy Index. “So I guess that’s what I’ll be painting at Alchemy.”

When asked to describe Alchemy, Stephanie Tholand, Lead Structural Engineer at False Profit, LLC offered this explanation: “It’s really a collaboration built atop a series of collaborations which are themselves collaborations. I assure you, it’s quite unstable and vulnerable to unexpected quakes of artistry.”

Some people are indeed expecting the unexpected: “I’ve heard the Missing Piece fashion show is basically magic,” said an anonymous source from deep within the fashion industry.

Both False Profit, LLC and Missing Piece declined to comment on the details of Alchemy, citing the impossibility of predicting what the attendees will do.

Alchemy, an interactive art event, is commencing on April 26th at CELLspace in San Francisco and a great flurry of artiness is expected.

Styles of Magic fashion show by Missing Piece @ 10pm
Phantoccino, a magic show by Keith Boudreau
Art Gallery by Will Chase Arts
Alchemical Afforestation, an interactive steel sculpture by Shira Loa
Digital Paint Mash-Up by Dangermarc
Pyrocardium, a heartbeat-powered candelabra by False Profit Labs
Web of (de)Construction, a live textile piece by Medium Reality
Identity Tapestry by Mary Corey March
Flame Tree Building Workshop by False Profit Labs
Phoenix Aviary, a reactive video installation
Writing Photos, an intersection of writing and photography
Altered Paintings, reworking thrift-store finds
Interactive Lights & Magnets, Photo Booth, Lego Robots, origami, and more.

Official Website: http://www.false-profit.com/2008/04/26/alchemy/

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