I-25 and Alameda
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hundreds of balloonists will launch to float gently over the beautiful New Mexico landscape. The Fiesta includes evening fireworks, mass ascensions, balloon glows, the Special Shapes Rodeo, and the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race.

The glow at dawn or dusk is not only beautiful, it is the best time to take balloon photos. According to festival organizers, dawn or dusk create beautiful lighting opportunities where the warmth of "Balloon Glow" blends with velvet blue of muted skylight. Photographers call this "the jewel box effect". More than 700 balloons launch from 72 grass-covered acres at Balloon Fiesta Park where guests can find opportunities to interact with pilots and their crews as they inflate and launch their balloons from the field.

Official Website: http://www.balloonfiesta.com

Added by pcaballoons on December 22, 2007