232 3rd Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Alasehir is the trio of Michael Gibbons, John Gibbons, and Jason Kourkounis, otherwise known as three-fifths of Bardo Pond. At times they are joined by Isobel Sollenberger, thus four-fifths of Bardo Pond. Alasehir's music is a sonic exploration of dense, languorous, free expansion. Billowing and exploding like a cluster of hashish stars, they produce a cosmic energy akin to a quasar in the heavens far left of Coltrane's OM and just right of the galaxy known as Dead C's Harsh '70s Reality. This is the rocket ride into the outer stratum, so climb aboard and let Alasehir be your 2008: A Space Odyssey.

Stephanie Wuertz is an artist, filmmaker, and curator living in New York. A retrospective of early video artist Paul Ryan, curated by her, is currently on view at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute in New York. She is working on a multi-channel installation about hysteria, nineteenth century theories of affect, and proto-cinema.

Outpost is the new group formed this past summer in NYC with Mark C, Stuart Argabright, Alice Cohen with percussionist Rami El Aaser. Mark, Stuart and Alice have been innovating, improvising and releasing music for decades, and over the course of a few NYC music scenes - now come together to launch their own unique sound.

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