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ALAN BLACK - Kick the Balls
Friday, July 18 - 7:00PM

Alan Black is a suburban American writer with a Scottish accent who murdered his lawn, looked for God in the bottom of buckets of KFC chicken wings, and helped a losing soccer team of nine year olds down to the bottom of defeat and humiliation. His book, Kick the Balls, is published in June 2008 by Hudson Street Press/Penguin.

Kick the Balls is the story of a crap soccer team and the sad reality of loss. The reader should expect some heavy tackling, clumsy cultural foot stamping and decidedly dangerous challenges from behind, on various political correctness. If you read this book, wear shin guards.

Trainspotting author, Irvine Welsh, says Kick the Balls is a hilarious and utterly irreverent tale of a Scotsman coaching in the junior soccer leagues in the USA. It is the funniest book you will ever read about what the insignificants in the rest of world call football. This tale of cross-cultural chaos also shows you why America,and most of all, Scotland, will never be succesful on the world stage of the beautiful game.

Beth Lisick, author of Helping Me Help Myself, says, Alan Black makes me laugh in a way no one else can. Hes so brutally funny that I worry a little. I think, Someones feelings might be getting hurt here, but really I dont give a shit because I am laughing so hard. Nothing gets by him, and thats a scary thought.

Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do with My Life says of Kick the Balls, You might think youve heard the usual criticisms of modern parenting and what kids are like because of it. You might occasionally long for the good ole days when kids played games without a parent there to cheer and console. But not until you read Alan Blacks savagely hilarious Kick the Balls does it all come clear - not just how strange a time we live in today, but how strange it was back then, too.

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