208 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, England

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Alamindino QuiteDeLuxe - Italian spazz-blues, touring as a duo. Singer sounds kind of like a completely fucked-in-the-head daughter of captain beefheart who can?t speak english properly. Noisy driving guitar. Mental stage show - they wear mexican wrestling outfits. Also booked for international ladyfest happening in Germany soon.
Supported the Hospitals on last 2 italian tours. For fans of: Lords, Pussy Galore, Pink and Brown, Lightnin? Hopkins etc.

The Dragon Rapide - They play jazzy, relentless, playful, intricate instrumental songs if you?re not already sure. Their first gig for 2006, and they will be playing you some brand new tracks! Try if you like: Tortoise, Do make say think etc.

Pifco - One of my favourite bands since I?ve been in Leeds, they?re a duo who play a very difficult to describe form of lo-fi ?grunge? rock. Ultra fast rickenbacker guitar riffing, sonic youth drumming. Very unique ?yelped? vocals. Your head will nod in approval.

Bonsai Kittens - The two kitties return with their first show since october. Playing their own distinct mash-up of 50?s bubblegum pop, 80?s pop and ?true? metal. Guaranteed to put a massive smile on your face.

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