62nd to 65th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues
New York City, New York

Akim Funk Buddha

Josie Robertson Plaza: Lincoln Center Out of Doors

It's like "Stomp", but instead of garbage can lids and broom sticks, these Lords of the Larynx use only their vocal chords. Beatboxers create a human symphony of amazing sounds and rhythms that baffle the senses, manipulating their voices to emulate anything from the drone of a street sweeper to the strum of a guitar. You'll be looking for the band, the equalizer or the boom box when listening to the precise and true sounds, but look no further than the amazing performers from Beatboxer Entertainment.

From the streets of Bali to Carnegie Hall, from meditative throat singing to high-energy Hip Hop rhymes, Akim Funk Buddha creates borderless performance art, fusing sounds and movements. An avid world traveler and self-described old-school B-boy MC, he is known for his holistic approach to Hip Hop, drawing from a full spectrum of cultural traditions and artistic disciplines.

Added by Fumio on July 21, 2007



Akim Funk Buddha was a little weird and got irritating after a while. But who was the group that opened for him? It was maybe 4 guys and a woman. They were amazing beatboxers! I would like to know more about them!