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present the North American debut of:

Akiko Kiyama - Live Performance Act
(contexterrior | revolver | safari electronique - Berlin / Tokyo)

Akiko was born in Tokyo, JAPAN, 1982. She has been surrounded by classical music education since she was a young girl. At the age of 14, she was absorbed in the dance music scene that was occurring in London at the time, and it was then that she made a commitment to club music, to pursue and evolve with the ever changing sound of techno.

She started to create her own tracks with a laptop since 2002 and has been performing at many of the clubs in Tokyo with artists locally and from abroad.

She has been releasing tracks for some time now, her original track was picked for the compilation "Newsdays" EP from Sud Electronic in July 2004. Also her first solo EP "Dimension", released on Sud Electronic in October 2004, which got great reviews by top world class DJ's. In November 2005, her track on Contexterrior, was selected by Richie Hawtin in his well received mix "DE9 Transitions".

Her sounds twist and turn and surprise you at every listen, they have the strangest way of creeping up on you, then finally enveloping you into Akiko's world.

This year she will be moving to Berlin to follow through with her commitment to dance music and to develop her style further, what better place to do so. She also has several solo EP's coming out in 2007 on a few reputable labels such as Safari, District of Corruption, Revolver, Thema and more on Contexterrior.

opening duties:

Bakh Inamov
(world in technocolor, open-source music)

From me look forward to a set of innovative, open-source tracks released under Creative Commons; unpublished material by my vast network of friends in the industry - all blended and performed for your aural pleasure using Traktor, Loops + FX, MIDI knobs + faders.


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Official Website: http://akikokiyama.com/

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