Streets & Hills of San Francisco
San Francisco, California 94102

Ajax and other Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies are fast becoming one of the most in-demand skill sets for Web developers, Web designers and other Web professionals. This session will be an in-depth, practical tour of the latest Ajax frameworks - their features, strengths and weaknesses to help today's Web professionals understand better how to begin to choose and then use one of the Ajax frameworks. The fast-paced, informative session also provides a tour of Ajax design patterns' emerging story, as well as the most popular design elements in Ajax applications today. Using the "design patterns" metaphor of Christopher Alexander - i.e., "common, recurring problems" - we will examine Display Manipulation, Web Remoting, Dynamic Behavior, Web Services and Performance Optimization, among other popular Ajax design patterns. Attendees will learn the raw ingredients of a Rich Internet Application strategy and be conversant with the major issues in RIA architecture and design. Presented by Dion Hinchcliffe.

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Jesse Zbikowski

Is there a more specific location than "Streets & Hills of San Francisco?"