414 NE 50th St
Seattle, Washington 98101


#1 Only air guitars Allowed, playing other instruments will result in disqualification.

#2 This is a two group (qualifying and non-qualifying), single elimination tournament.

#3 Four qualified and eight non qualified competitors will compete for finalist positions in their respective groups. The finalist of the two groups will compete for the title of Air Master.

#4 All matches will consist of one song per competitor. Highest average score wins the match and advances to next round, except final match which is best out of three.

#5 Scores are zero thru ten. Average score calculated dropping high and low scores. Scores will be based on song difficulty, accuracy, artistic style, attire, and visual presentation.

#6 songs during compaction will be selected at random. An new song and a Do-Over maybe called for in the event of an audio malfunction.

#7 Competitors failing to appear at the time of their match will be disqualified.

#8 Qualifying

Anyone may attempt to take a qualifying position (four spots available) must:
a)Perform a qualifying song of 5pm and 8pm the day of the event
b)Have one of the top four Qualifying scores
c)Have the $5 entry fee

Qualifying songs can be brought from home or chosen from our list.
Qualifying is free and there is no limit (except time) on retries.
Anyone can trying to qualify and is not required to enter the competition.

#9 To enter as a non-qualified competitor (eight spot available) arrive at the funhouse between 8pm and 10pm (bar time), and pay the $5 entry fee.

#10 All decisions are final.

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Added by Ben Winchell on March 3, 2008