110 South Hall
Berkeley, California

Even as India celebrates 61 years of freedom from colonial rule, we must remember that the battle for freedom did not end in 1947. Many communities in India, and in the other South Asian countries, continue to struggle for political and economic equality. The films being screened this weekend depict peoples' struggle against forces of economic imperialism, corporate globalization and the state's imposition of neo-liberal models of economic development.

Tales from the Margins by Kavita Joshi [23 minutes, 2006]: This film examines the political situation in Manipur, India, and documents public protests against human rights abuses by the State.

New State, Old Problems by The Campaign to Release Binayak Sen and Ajay T. G. [10 min, 2008]

Anjam (The Consequence)by Ajay T. G. [20 min, 2008] A film on the life and work of Dr. Binayak Sen. Traces the evolution of Dr. Sen's life as an activist.

The Other Side of the Boom by Special Broadcasting Services, Australia Reporter: Jonathon Matthews. [22 min, 2008] Video journalist Jonathon Matthews seeks out the rebels – and the government-backed vigilante group, Salwa Judum, that opposes them –to ask whether the terrible cycle of violence that's affecting two thirds of the Indian continent can possibly end.

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