Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
College Park, Maryland 20742

This event is produced and presented by The Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc.

The Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc. proudly presents the premiere of Agangamasor and His Magic Power. This classical dance-drama was specially choreographed and composed by the eminent master dancers and musicians who fled Cambodia during the war and have been teaching at the Cambodian Buddhist Society for two decades. The story tells an episode from the Reamker (Cambodian version of the Ramayana story) never before seen on stage--the mythological world as it was prior to the birth of Preah Ream (Prince Rama).

English titles will be presented from the orchestra boxes. These titles are viewed most clearly from Rows F - P of the orchestra section.

Tickets are $30 for the general public, $12 for students. Sponsor packages are available.

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