155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Brighten up the twilight hours on the third Friday of every month with Afternoon Delight. Live bands, mountains of edible treats, special guests, much hilarity and good times. Always free. Always All Ages. We love you dearly. Won’t you join us?


Afternoon Delight
w/ The Lovely Public and The Mantles
Friday, April 20, 2007
Rickshaw Stop

The Lovely Public (SF)
You like pop music. And things psychedelic. And, in truth, you are impressed by unmentionable acts of musical prowess and agility. Well, then The Lovely Public will please you more than you can ever imagine. “The Lovely Public draws together many styles as they roam through different dramatic scenes, slinking in and out of the shadows-like an ensemble of olden time court entertainers descending into an electrified pagan ritual.”-Aquarius Records www.myspace.com/thelovelypublic

The Mantles (SF)
Been listening to Nuggets lately? Wondering where all the good bands have gone? Rest easy, friend. The Mantles are here to pull the car out of the garage and bring the rock solid. If the hazy-day, head-bobbing beats of this SF trio don’t mend your pop worn heart, the high lonesome melodies are sure to conjure healing visions of kicking back a cold one at night in the high-school parking lot. www.myspace.com/mantles

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