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The European Union and China can and must contribute to mitigating climate change as a matter of urgency. Both global players have to respond to the challenge that current economic growth is probably not sustainable. On the other hand, economic growth seems to be a prerequisite for social development and prosperity. This dilemma hinders the development of low carbon economies both in the European Union and in China though the political, economic and social structures differ in these parts of the world. In the European Union people might ask whether or not they can keep their living standard without economic growth. In China the question at stake is how to implement the right to development under low carbon requirements.

Irrespective of these differences, civil society organisations both in the European Union and in China promote low carbon economies. They have common concerns. They respond to the failure of Copenhagen by intensifying their initiatives to avert climate disaster. They can learn from each other though they have different traditions, structures, perceptions, options and visions.

The International Civil Society Conference helps to strengthen the exchange between European and Chinese civil society organisations. It explores possibilities, conditions and limitations for European-Chinese civil society cooperation in promoting low carbon economies. It discusses conflicting interests and trade-offs as well as the social implications of transforming growth oriented economies to low carbon economies.

The International Civil Society Conference builds on the June 2009 workshop "Global Concerns – Global Cooperation" in Guangzhou. This workshop brought up the strong wish for building European-Chinese civil society networks. The International Civil Society Conference is a step towards the realisation of this wish.

The International Civil Society Conference brings together people from European and Chinese civil society organisations concerned by climate change. In addition, it is open to the public, though places are limited.

Registration by June 15th, 2010 with:
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