32 Strawberry St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

This workshop will be led by Dan Short.

This tutorial is meant to introduce users who are already familiar with Adobe applications to After Effects, although I am sure that there will be elements that would be valuable to anyone interested in the program. I will be showing how to animate a logo over a background using 3D space, cameras, keyframing, with pixel and vector graphics. I know it sounds like a mouthful, but I'll be breaking it down and doing my best to answer any questions you might have. If it sounds over complicated, don't panic. I am a nerd at heart, and it is in our nature to make things seem more complicated than they actually are.

This "Logo" type of demonstration is a common introduction into After Effects because it incorporates so many of the programs abilities. If this session is received well, I will build more tutorials based on the specific needs and wants of the Indy Hall community. I look forward to seeing you there.

If anyone would like to get a familiarity with the program before the tutorial, or would like to work along with me, I will be supplying my files to anyone interested. You can also download a demo version of the program from the Adobe site.

Official Website: http://www.indyhall.org

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Will we need to have the software with us? My version is on my desktop, not my laptop. Will that be a problem?