234 West 42nd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues
New York, New York 10036

Have you ever wondered what happens when the lights go out?

What dark secrets lurk in the depths of the world-famous wax museum? Our history tells of a dark side that few care to revisit. During the French Revolution, Madame Tussaud was forced to dig through piles of executed noble’s bodies, creating death masks of famous victims and collecting gruesome artifacts for her travelling Chamber of Horrors like the guillotine blade that beheaded Marie Antoinette.

Do you believe the stories of restless spirits, some tormented and others playful? Do you fear being trapped overnight? You won’t want to miss your chance to find out what happens at night as we keep our doors open late this haunting season. This Halloween, we’ll take you where you’ve always been afraid to go and show you that it’s not all glamour and celebrities.

Official Website: http://www.madametussauds.com/NewYork/NewsAndEvents/jonasbrothers/default.aspx

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