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The Austin Film Society presents ICHI THE KILLER (Koroshiya 1)
2001, distributed by Media Blasters, screenplay by Sakichi Sato, cinematography by Hideo Yamamoto, 35mm, color, 129 min.
Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Nao Omori, Shinya Tsukamoto, Paulyn Sun

A childhood memory of rape and bullying allows bottom-feeding yakuza to create an unlikely assassin in the form of whimpering, terrified Ichi. Armed with steel-bladed boots, impeccable karate flourishes, and the implanted belief that each target is one of his bullies, Ichi slashes his way through opponents chosen by his controllers. Just a tool, Ichi is increasingly disgusted by his own acts, unlike the blond, self-lacerated Kakihara, an artistic sado-masochist capable of painstakingly slow tortures of others and himself. An inevitable confrontation with Ichi is Kakihara's most joyful dream.

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