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A well-managed affiliate programme can play a key role in marketing strategies and can offer double-digit increases in sales. However, affiliate marketing, using one website to drive traffic to another, is frequently overlooked by advertisers because although the principles are straightforward putting them into practice can present challenges.

This course will outline the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve an effective level of contribution and offer tips on refining your existing affiliate programme.

This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

Planning your affiliate programme
How to audit an existing affiliate programme
Reviewing your toolkit
Reviewing your partners and their results
Setting realistic objectives
Defining affiliate marketing strategy:

Integrating affiliate marketing strategy with search engine marketing strategy
Setting the right affiliate reward levels
Alternative approaches to rewarding affiliates (by sale, rejected lead, for example)
Working with an affiliate programme manager:

Selecting an affiliate programme manager (affiliate network)
Questions to ask when selecting an affiliate programme manager
Benefits and disadvantages of working with more than one network
Managing co-opetition with affiliates:

Competing for position in sponsored search listings
Trademark issues in search engine marketing
Monitoring affiliate practices and results
Working with affiliates

The top 10 'do's' of affiliate marketing
The top 10 'don'ts' of affiliate marketing

Official Website: http://econsultancy.com/training/courses/affiliate-marketing

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