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Well-managed affiliate programmes can offer double-digit increases in sales. This course shows the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve this level of contribution and take it further through refining your existing affiliate programme.

Although the principles of affiliate marketing are straightforward, there are many challenges in practice. For instance, common questions asked are:
• How do I best incentivise affiliates?
• Should I use more than one affiliate network?
• How do I track affiliates and other online marketing activities without double-counting?
• How can I work direct with some affiliates?

You will be familiar with the principles and practice of affiliate marketing and either actively run an affiliate programme or be planning an affiliate programme. This course is designed for client or agency staff who liaise with affiliate networks or direct with affiliates.

After attending this course you will:
• Be able to review your existing affiliate marketing programme to get more leads or sales
• Know the success factors for effective affiliate marketing
• Select appropriate affiliate partners and software
• Maximise the contribution from your super-affiliates

This in-depth course will cover the following topics:
• Planning your affiliate programme
• How to audit an existing affiliate programme
• Reviewing your toolkit
• Reviewing your partners and their results
• Setting realistic objectives

Defining affiliate marketing strategy:
• Integrating affiliate marketing strategy with search engine marketing strategy
• Setting the right affiliate reward levels
• Alternative approaches to rewarding affiliates (by sale, rejected lead, for example)

Working with an affiliate programme manager
• Selecting an affiliate programme manager (affiliate network)
• Questions to ask when selecting an affiliate programme manager
• Benefits and disadvantages of working with more than one network

Managing co-opetition with affiliates
• Competing for position in sponsored search listings
• Trademark issues in search engine marketing
• Monitoring affiliate practices and results
• Working with affiliates

• The top 10 ‘do’s’ of affiliate marketing
• The top 10 ‘don’ts’ of affiliate marketing

Official Website: http://www.e-consultancy.com/knowledge/events/1522/affiliate-marketing--london-seminar.html

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