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The AEI-Brookings Joint Center Prediction Markets Conference will examine Prediction and Information Markets -- A New Way to Make Decisions.


See the Prediction Markets industry consortium joint press release.


New ways to share, trade and aggregate information using Internet-based information markets are exploding! These markets help companies, schools, governments, and individuals to acquire, to create and lead ever-growing bodies of knowledge. These capabilities achieve mastery of collective intelligence with stunning speed and accuracy.

Through a ceaseless flurry of self-correcting exchanges, wikis and markets, covering everything from politics and business plans to public policy and financial valuations, online markets amass —and refine— knowledge and collective intelligence.

Prediction markets aggregate information in a way that allows organizations, ranging from computer manufacturers to Hollywood studios to universities and government agencies, to make far better decisions about product launches, features, public policy and myriad other critical questions.

Learn how people can assimilate aggregated information without succumbing to the dangers of the herd mentality. Explore how and why the new online markets and aggregation techniques are so astoundingly effective! Put prediction and information markets to work for you and your organizations today.

Join the world’s top authorities and market innovators for this low-cost, high-value prediction markets conference. The format is open and authentic conversation. See Testimonials.


Secure online registration is open and required. This event is filling fast. All are welcome.

Official Website: http://www.pmcluster.com/IAD.htm

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