1204 Preservation Park Way
Oakland, California 94612

The main event will run July 18-20, with a pre-day of trainings on July 17 for those wanting to ramp up their eAdvocacy skills.

We're continuing to expand the format this year, and will have 3 interweaved tracks:

* Open Source eAdvocacy Platforms: Where are we, what's new, and how will it all interoperate? We'll continue the dialog from past AdvocacyDev convergences and look for more opportunities to write tools that make life easier for campaigners and organizers. Latest releases of all relevant platforms will be demo'd and compared, and participants will be invited to drink from the fountain of cool technology Koolaid. AND WE REALLY WANT TO HEAR WHAT THIS LIST WANTS TO SEE DISCUSSED ON THE AGENDA :^)

* eAdvocacy Tools, Tactics and Strategy Skillshares: eOrganizers and eAdvocacy practitioners from a broad base of causes and sectors will talk about what they've got in their toolboxes and the tactics and strategies they're currently employing. Sessions will consider the challenges of messaging and maintaining supporter bases across campaigns. A particular focus will be on developing best practices in eCampaiging process and engagement models. Participants will also how they're using emerging web 2.0 and other technologies to augment their eAdvocacy efforts. User/Developer sessions will allow stakeholders in eAdvocacy landscape to discuss how we can all work together more effectively.

* Addressing the eAdvocacy Capacity Challenge: The most consistently vexing problem in the eAdvocacy space is how to develop more capacity. Campaigns and causes go wanting for able staff and consultants who could help them craft and execute appropriate online campaigns and strategies. This track will map what's already being done in terms of training and documentation, while opening up the floor for discussion on how better to scale eAdvocacy communities of practice and pool various documentation resources.

As always, your input will dramatically shape what happens at the event, and we actively encourage you to let us know about sessions you'd like to see on the agenda. If you want to talk about it, we want to put it on the agenda!

We'll send out full registration details next week, as we're still finalizing logistics. We hope to see lots of you in Oakland in July!

Official Website: http://aspirationtech.org/

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