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This informative, top to bottom webinar will help employees and managers alike to understand the new world where corporations have to get more personal and where networks must play a role in our daily lives.

Mignon's "Grammar Girl" Podcast was rated #1 Educational Podcast of 2008 on iTunes, and since its inception, her podcasts have been downloaded by millions of listeners.

She has used social networking and new media extensively to promote her projects, including her New York Times best-selling book. You will gain insight into the success of the Quick and Dirty Tips enterprise, her experience in the world of digital media, and much more.

You will learn:

* How corporations are using Facebook and Twitter to promote their brands, win customers, and turn customers into fans -- success (and disaster) stories.
* How to keep your corporate projects feeling authentic. (Or...why people rank corporate blogs as their least trusted information source.)
* How to participate without losing all your time and privacy.
* How to choose the right social network or new media project for your needs. (Or...Why Grammar Girl doesn't use LinkedIn.)
* What you must know before launching a podcast.
* Social networks as market research tools.
* Why you can't know what's on the horizon and you have to be prepared to deal with it anyway.
* Pros and cons of advertising in new media.

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Will we receive any written materials with this event, i.e. PowerPoint slides or other electronic handouts?


Hi... I'd like to take part but I'm not sure what time of the day it would be here in Adelaide, Australia! could you tell me the US time zone so I could convert it into Australian CST?