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METAMORPHEUS.ORG presents: The next event Metamorpheus is presenting will be Saturday, May 14, 2005 at The Music Box @ the Fonda in Hollywood, California. Doors open at 7pm and close at 2am. THIS SHOW HAS LIFTED ITS AGE RESTRICTION TO ALLOW 18 AND OVER. If you already bought tickets, the 21 and over printed on the tickets will be honored. This event is to celebrate Negativland's 25th anniversary, the pre-release of their new CD/book project, NO BUSINESS, and the re-release of Craig Baldwin's documentary, "Sonic Outlaws" which recounts Negativland's legal misadventures.

Negativland is an obscure group of audio artists, but amazing in the scope of what they've accomplished in their 25 year career. Mark Holser, as one of the founders, has put together a thought provoking presentation with films, etc., that he's been performing all over the United States and Europe, and now it is arriving in Los Angeles. If you are a fan, or even if you aren't and just enjoy art, politics, artistic legality, pranks, media hoaxes, etc., YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

To supplement his presentation, we have invited Vau de Vire Society from San Francisco to come and blow your mind with their super hero physical abilities. This is a show in itself, so be prepared. This performance has been created JUST for this event, so it will be not be seen anywhere else.

DJ Olivia and DJ Mr. Number Wonderful will be spinning very eclectic sets filled with music you don't often hear live, with dancing.... and remember.... this is an ILLEGAL art show, so if you like dressing in drag, in over the top costume, or any way that pushes the envelope by the "average" American's standards.... you are encouraged to come dressed in your "Sunday's best." Or in this case... your Saturday Night's best. We would love to see people dressed as soldiers, politicians, religious leaders, Patsy and Edina (from AbFab), Jerri Blank from Stranger's with Candy, Jon Stuart, Howard Stern, Al Franken... you get the picture.... HAVE FUN! This is a night for creativity. You either are the spectacle or you are looking at it.

A portion of the proceeds will go to: Reaching To Embrace the Arts Please spread the word of our one night extravaganza.....

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Adventures in Illegal Art with Mark Hosler of Negativland. Very interesting.