49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

First come, first serve: http://leftlogic.eventwax.com/advanced-jquery-workshop

Dry run of a 4-5 hour workshop focusing on jQuery & JavaScript. Topics include:

  1. Introduction, progressive enhancement (over graceful degradation), overview of jQuery and advanced JavaScript techniques (events, callbacks, context, scope, objects, closure, currying, etc)

  2. Plugin design, event based design

  3. Ajax, quick for prototyping, in-depth Ajax, JSON, JSONP, JSONP-X

  4. Performance: inside jQuery, selector (and Sizzle) performance, JavaScript performance, DOM performance

  5. Testing: unit testing and tools

  6. Code management, documentation tools, deployment

Please note that I will be making changes as I go along and notes, but you should still learn some new stuff in this workshop!

Official Website: http://leftlogic.eventwax.com/advanced-jquery-workshop

Added by remysharp on December 11, 2009


James Deane

Ugh, would LOVE to go but can't get to Brighton this Sunday