401 Sabine St
Austin, Texas 78702

If you missed Sunday's show there's no good excuse, no matter how tired you were or how early you had to be at work Monday. So come this Sunday, but listen: there's just no topping last week. The best we can do is have Brian Pion bodypaint a beautiful woman while Troy & the guys play a long set and we'll buy our friend Doug Stanhope birthday rounds after his set at DeVille that evening. We'll give away some stuff from INNU Salon and Forbidden Fruit too.

The day's highlights were:
*Visits by Jay Edwards (AquaTeen/Squidbillies producer who also did a Q&A),
*Dave Willis (the voice of AquaTeen's Meatwad & Carl),
*Home Movies creator Brandon Small & Tommy Blacha debuting material from their new show Dethklok,
*Williams Street stars from adultswim.com to network head Keith Crofford, Melissa W and more.
*There were also great sets by comedian Brendon Walsh (aka. MC HeckleKill), The Black Irish, The Vacation Gold, comedian David Huntsberger, a stellar set by the HOT!Karlshow, and DYNAMO's Sharkwreck Garcia as well as last-minute adds Dawn Landes & comedian Michelle Biloon.
*Oh, and the swimsuit fashion show. Wow... Way to go, Martine Hall (she organized it)...
Here are Andrew Sterling's pics

Here are duzitickle's pics

Quotes of the day:
"The syphillis story was the first good idea I had" ---Jay Edwards
"Can you turn up the satan in my monitors?" ---Brendon Small
"The kiddie cowboy hats for the audience were great; making your band wear tiny ones was better; you wearing the huge foam rubber one was awesome; but playing the sensitive song with a straight face was worth my whole trip to SXSW" ---The bartenders of Manhattan's TallHands

For this week:
Music & Video shorts @ 7pm, [adult swim]@10pm-2am
Redrum Club 401 Sabine (1 block E of the Hilton, 1 block W of IH35 - behind Gas Pipe)
All-Ages: 21+ $5, 13-21 $10, Under 18 w/ Legal Guardian

Click here for a map

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See Andrew Sterling's pics from my birthday here
See Andrew Sterling's pics from the fashion show here

The AustinSwim.org site is updated except for photos, which will be up soon. Go take a look!

See You Sunday!


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