2301 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Added by joepemberton on April 3, 2007



Anybody know how to add this event to a group? I'm trying to add it to a group called "Adobe software" which I created, but it says on the group page to use the "send to group" button that appears on every event page.

Problem is there is no "send to group" button on this event page for me.

- Sterling


When you register for MAX this year, on page three of the registration form, there is a checkbox for being a User Group member. If you are from the Twin Cities or surrounding MN area, please check that box, and you will see a text input to fill in my name, Troy Pullis, as the User Group Manager. Adobe wants to know that user group members are attending MAX and which group has the most members attending, by Manager name. So please help make TCCFUG look good by fully completing that section. Thanks and enjoy MAX! -- www.colderfusion.com


Similar to Troy; if you're coming from the DC/Northern Virginia area, use the user group manager name 'Lisa Heselton' when you register!
For more information on our group, go to www.jraug.com - looking forward to seeing everyone there!