30 Southwick Street, London
London, England W2 1JQ

It's nearly the end of mapping season! The sun's getting lower in the sky after work each day, but there's still time to gather a little more information around the streets of London to put onto OpenStreetMap. Why not join us?

OpenStreetMap is an editable map of the whole world, which is being built largely from scratch by the community and released with an open content license.

This Tuesday we'll be aiming to gather some POI data around Paddingtton area, before meeting in the pub! It is open to everyone whether you are already an active member of the openstreetmap community or just curious to find out more about the project. Have a go at mapping (e.g. with a pencil & a printout), or just come along and join us in the pub!

We're meeting in the pub at around 7:30pm. Newcomers welcome! When you arrive in the pub look out for people with GPS units/ maps. Also make a note of this: Contact: Harry Wood 07979815013

We'll be arriving in the area at around 6:30 to do a quick bit of mapping. If you're interested in joining in with that, check the details on the wiki page

Official Website: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/London/Summer_2009_Mapping_Party_Marathon

Added by Harry Wood on September 24, 2009



Hiya Harry - Can't make the party itself, will be visiting the area today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday) to perform the slice 3 survey. Expect to see results on the OSM shortly thereafter :) Roger.

PS - oh yeah - you got the date wrong above *evil grin* It's on the 29th, which is Tuesday next ;-)

Harry Wood

Gah! Sorry yes Tuesday September 29.

So slice 3. I don't think there is very much there. Just a bunch of new office buildings by the canal, but it might be fun to try to draw in the layout of those buildings (yahoo shows a building site for a lot of it) and draw in highway=footway ways to show where you can get to on foot


heh, not much there, he says :) Just got back, mate, and I have a FULL PAGE of changes to add 8-/

Closed footpaths, altered roads, POIs up the Khyber, etc etc... I'm likely to be messing about with JOSM most of the evening at this rate ;-)

The Green Book (tm, (c), etc etc) is slowly getting filled up ;) Jenny's book's gonna have some competition the way things are starting to move here *evil grin*

Enjoy Tuesday night, folks, and hoist one (a Pale Ale, of course) for me :-)