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The Adanfo Ensemble is an extraordinary ensemble of musicians and dancers from Ghana, West Africa. Founded by David Etse Nyadedzor who was born and raised in Ghana where he played with many local African groups as a young man. Etse was invited to the United States to share his knowledge and his culture. He was the first Director and Choreographer of West African and Dance Ensemble at Syracuse University. He has worked in a numerous colleges in the New York area. Etse also performed in the National Theater with the Dance Factory who went on to perform in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa. His life's work is "Bridging Cultures through Music." Adanfo Ensemble also includes past members of the National Ballet, The Pan African Orchestra and members from Kusun Ensemble.

The word "Adanfo" means "friends and family". Adanfo Ensemble is made up of highly experienced and talented dancers and musicians. The group started performing together on the East Coast in 2003 and primarily focused on that part of the country.

Official Website: http://www.142throckmortontheatre.org

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