1510 8th Street
Oakland, California 94607

Shareef Ali and the Radical Folksonomy will be topping the bill at this musical summit in West Oakland (one block west of the West Oakland BART or if you want to carpool, let me know).

Added by misterandrew on January 16, 2010



Posted by Shareef Ali:

Hey there folks, In case you're the type of Facebook user who doesn't really look at event invitations but does read messages (as I am), just wanted to make sure you knew about the great show you've been personally invited to next Saturday. Reasons not to miss it: 1) It's pretty much a folk superstar lineup: Graham Patzner, Adam Balbo, Wolf Larsen, Mr. Andrew and THIS guy. Check out the links on the event page!2) It's SO easy to get to. It's in West Oakland (piece of cake for East Bayers) but also as close to SF as you can get while technically being outside the city (a block from the very first BART stop in the East Bay).3) Sooo cheap! $3! Amazing!4) #1 again, because it's just that good. In case you really can't be troubled to look at the event page, here's the details: Saturday, January 30, 8 PM (important: there are five acts, so we'll start pretty much on time)Studio 15101510 8th Street, West Oakland Okay, cool. Hope to see you there. Bestest,Shareef Ali