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Long before it was cool to “be green,” critically acclaimed actress Alicia Silverstone was coming forward as a passionate and vocal advocate for environmental causes. In her new book, Alicia reveals how eating a plant-based diet will not only give you tons of energy, mental clarity, gorgeous skin and a zest for life but because it requires less fuel, water, and other resources, it’s a major contribution toward improving the health of our planet.
Filled with personal anecdotes, motivational tips, and nearly 100 delicious recipes, THE KIND DIET is a fun and accessible way to begin your own journey toward better health. Whether you’re simply curious about life without meat or are ready to go macrobiotic, THE KIND DIET’s three different approaches offer a way to choose the path that’s right for you.

Unlike so many other books, THE KIND DIET won’t ask you to freak out about calories, carbs or the glycemic index. You may also find that, over time, you’ll be making fewer doctors appointments and spending less on cold medicine, frappucinos, antacids, and sleeping pills. Now add that up!
But the best part? The food, of course! You will be able to enjoy pizza, tacos, waffles, collard greens, brownies, cupcakes, and much more. And that feeling you get after a great meal? It will be all the greater once you start making food choices that you know are good for you…and the planet.

Official Website: http://www.keplers.com

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