201 3rd Street at Howard
San Francisco, CA, California

Following our social meetup at SXSW, we'd like to convene a working meeting at Chevy's during Web 2.0 for implementors and contributors to the Activity Streams spec!

Official Website: http://activitystrea.ms

Added by factoryjoe on March 24, 2009



Will someone try to live video stream this with Qik, Kyte or whatever, please?

Alternatively, I have a Calliflower account ( http://calliflower.com ), if someone wants to just put their phone on speaker on the table.


I'll have my phone but I'm almost certain that it's going to be too loud to really be useful.


Can someone please record this and share it on internet then? :-)


@iankennedy - Don't let it be a hassle. Thank you in advance.

( Tin foil hat wearer in me wonders why DiSo meeting are always held in noisy environments, like you see in teh movies when two spies wanna talk without being recorded. DiSo development transparency nawt reel? )



Heh, in this case it's simply b/c it's close to Moscone and a large venue!