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This Global Trade Compliance training will focus on global trade-related due diligence information requests in order to identify trade activities that might affect export controls, sanctions, customs, foreign and domestic anti-corruption, supply chain security and other related trade laws in countries in which a company does business.

Why Should You Attend:

Global companies should always incorporate due diligence on certain global trade compliance sectors as part of their complete review of a prospective partner whether it’s in the US or offshore. These sectors should account for a prospective’s or partner’s global activities and its compliance with various global trade regulations and laws. Most global firms will review the following areas as part of their comprehensive global trade compliance due diligence objectives: global trade compliance, recordkeeping programs, imports, exports, prior disclosures, legal advice, previous enforcement actions, commercial transactions, customers, distributors, agents, sub-agents, end users, related parties, trading agents, brokers.

This webinar will focus on minimizing potential liabilities for past and current trade activities of the prospective buyout, ascertain proper valuation, minimize liability factors to the business transaction, identify and avoid future compliance issues and assist in a favorable business transition.

Areas Covered in this Seminar:

- Customs Compliance
- Export Controls
- US Sanction Laws
- Imports
- Classification
- Anti-Boycott
- Recordkeeping
- Supply Chain Security
- Foreign Corruption Practices Act
- Free Trade Programs

Official Website: http://www.complianceonline.com/ecommerce/control/trainingFocus/~product_id=702870?channel=yahooevent

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