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Work by Rose Lowder, Jonas Mekas, Georges Méliès, Taylor Mead, and Andy Warhol

The “motion” in motion pictures is an illusion. Films are made up of a series of still images on a strip, cleverly manipulated during projection to fool us into believing we see motion on the screen. Thus, it is not surprising that many filmmakers have been fascinated with the idea of still photography.

Program 1: Speed of Light: Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Single Frame
Many artists use single-frame shooting to uncover new ways of seeing movement – such as Rose Lowder’s painstakingly photographed “bouquet” films and Jonas Mekas’s charming study of port activity in Cassis. Cinema pioneer Georges Méliès was the first to use time lapse photography as a special effect. Taylor Mead gives us a breakneck tour of European culture, while in the Screen Tests, Andy Warhol turns the still portrait on its head by posing his subjects in front of a moving camera and asking them not to move (some play along, some don’t!).

Curator, Andy Ditzler. Presented Frequent Small Meals and Eyedrum

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