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The Chris Onstad Achewood Orgasmico @ Isotope

To celebrate the recently-launched THE GREAT OUTDOOR FIGHT collection of Achewood webstrips from Dark Horse Comics the Isotope will be throwing the first invitational Chris Onstad Achewood Orgasmico with series creator (and male model) Chris Onstad. This event will feature free exclusive Achewood pins to attract just the right kind of loose ladies who will want you badly, handmade fresh-from-the-oven Achewood cookies delivered directly from the sexed-up Onstad household, Isotope Bartender Kirsten Baldock will be shaking and serving up a selection of Achewood themed cocktails for the booze-swilling over-21 set, and yes... that Achewood song by that awesome electro-popping indy-rocking Freezepop band will be played!


The Chris Onstad Achewood Orgasmico @ Isotope
Saturday, September 13th
8pm - Midnight


Official Website: http://isotopecomics.com

Added by James Sime on September 8, 2008