628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California 94117

Well if you're looking for trouble, they're the girls to see, if you're lookin' for a satisfaction, satisfaction GUARANTEED!!! Everyone likes AC/DC, everyone loves AC/DC live, nobody in their right mind could ever get sick of the good 'ol AC/DC classics. AC/DShe (the all-girl AC/DC tribute band doing Bon Scott-era songs) is here not only because they are the biggest AC/DC fans around, but also because they think everyone should have a regular opportunity to go out, have some beers, and hear the kick-ass genius of AC/DC songs live. These songs make up the soundtrack of our delinquent teenage days; so come out to see AC/DShe and re-live the best times of your life - C'mon!

Official Website: http://www.slims-sf.com

Added by Hipflex Skanker on December 11, 2006