6731 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90028

Part game and part theater, Neil Patrick Harris presents Accomplice: Hollywood, an experience unlike any found on a stage, taking its audience on an actual journey through the city streets. It all begins with a phone call disclosing a secret meeting location. Armed with a few initial bits of information, participants are sent on a mission, aided by clues and mysterious cast members strewn throughout various locations such as streetcorners, bars, iconic landmarks and out of the way spots. Audiences in groups of 10 traverse the city streets, piecing together clues of a meticulously crafted plot and relying on their own street smarts to make it to the end.

The Accomplice sites, naturally, are kept secret - it's all part of the fun. "Not enough information," you say? Trust us—the fun is in the surprises.

Who's in on it? Who's not? A unique new form of entertainment, Accomplice: Hollywood will make you laugh, think, and experience the city in a whole new way.

Official Website: http://www.AccompliceTheShow

Added by tomsalamon2 on March 12, 2009