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Web 2.0 brought stakeholders a new era of self-managed two-way communication in most facets of business. What better way to motivate people than to allow them a sense of control in how they're measured and recognized, with frequent constructive feedback? Energetic focus, friendly competition and sharing of lessons learned are nurtured through self-reporting team recognition systems and dashboards that emphasize manageable leading indicators of desired performance. Come learn how customer service, organizational initiatives and morale are strengthened by these timely tools and techniques.
A case study will be shared featuring use of a self-reporting team recognition system, enticing dozens of cross-functional teams worldwide to take initiative in recording their achievements and striving for the honor of winning quarterly and annual awards in a number of categories. The program has saved millions of dollars, resolved and prevented dozens of issues for customers' success, and heightened employees' commitment to one another and to the company. Participation in the program is widespread across geographies, product lines and support functions. This program has been benchmarked with leading companies, with several companies adopting many of these proven practices.

Teams' success also stems from enabling them to measure what they can proactively manage. Measuring the right things can aid teams in getting needed resources and clout. Most metrics such as revenue, profit, market share, and customer satisfaction are in fact lagging indicators -- because they measure what's already happened. Learn how to peel back the layers of a lagging indicator to manage its root causes, which levers can be pulled to positively impact leading indicators, and how to avoid getting overwhelmed when simultaneously monitoring multiple programs. This session will help you differentiate symptoms and sources of program success or disaster, provide you with useful templates, and show you how to measure and incentivize things that are difficult to quantify.

Speaker Bios: Surinder Bedi, VP of Quality at SunPower and Lynn Hunsaker, Founder ClearAction LLC
Surinder S. Bedi serves as SunPower’s vice president of global quality and customer satisfaction, driving SunPower’s quality programs and strategic continual improvement initiatives. A 20-year veteran in the semiconductor industry, he has successfully led the design and deployment of world-class quality and reliability systems, streamlining new product introductions and improving manufacturing efficiencies. Prior to joining SunPower, Bedi was vice president of quality and reliability at Form Factor. Previously, he held the position of vice president of quality and product reliability at Applied Materials, and was also chairman of the quality steering board. During his ten years at Applied Materials, he was instrumental in helping the company achieve world class quality and reliable systems that earned numerous customer quality awards. Earlier in his career, Bedi held management positions at Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) and National Semiconductor Corp. Bedi earned a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Bangalore University, India, a MS degree in industrial and systems engineering from Ohio University, and is a graduate of executive training from Stanford University. He holds 11 technology patents from the semiconductor equipment industry.

Lynn Hunsaker, Founder, ClearAction LLC, helps people quickly see what is needed for immediate action. She founded her ClearAction consultancy with a focus on customer profitability and related change management processes. In nearly 20 years at Applied Materials, Business Insights, Tragon, and Sonoco, Lynn directed customer satisfaction improvement, metrics, quality tools, recognition and executive incentive programs, process improvement, product management, go-to-market plans, alliances, market research, marcom, and change management. Her roles included director of marketing and business development, head of corporate quality, strategic planning manager, and market research manager. She is a university instructor, AMA Professional Certified MarketerTM, ASQ Certified Quality Manager, Qualified MBTI® Practitioner and past president of Silicon Valley American Marketing Association where her team received the AMA's Chapter Excellence Award. She earned psychology and marketing degrees at Brigham Young University and an MBA at Vanderbilt University. ClearAction mentors executives for customer profitability through advocacy and churn/hassle prevention, along with change management mechanisms such as trusted advisor, interaction bridges and marketing skills, marketing operations, team recogntion and predictive dashboards. www.clearaction.biz

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