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Austin, Texas

Creating an open, accessible web is just best practice. With flexible content delivery and usable applications that benefit all of us, the truly Accessible Web is available to everyone all the time, regardless of ability. Spend some time with the Accessibility experts and find the inspiration and practical knowledge you need to make your Web presence truly universal:

* Matt May, co-author of Universal Design, presents “Is Universal Design Still Possible?”
* Marla Erwin, Interactive Art Director for Whole Foods, Inc., presents “Accessible CSS”
* Glenda Sims, co-author of Interact with Web Standards, presents “Practical Accessibility Testing”
* Aaron Gustafson, Web Standards and JavaScript expert, presents “Progressive Enhancement with ARIA”
* Jared Smith, Developer and Trainer for WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind), presents “Accessibility & Compatibility”
* Christopher Schmitt, author of The CSS Cookbook, presents “Accessibility & HTML5.”

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