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Web accessibility has been a legal requirement in countries that have disability and discrimination laws, such as the UK for a number of years. However few businesses show, much more interest than they did three years ago, with many ignoring it altogether.

This workshop will provide practical, hands on approach to accessibility compliance and inclusive design. Through the day you’ll learn how to champion the cause, identify compliance issues and easily build sites that are easy for anyone to use.

This course is for you if you are actively involved in web site design either as a designer, developer or manager of an in-house or agency web design team. The course will also be valuable for marketing managers who want to find out about the business and brand benefits of an accessibility focus, and project managers who want to ensure their web projects comply with standards and legislation.

After attending this course, you will be able to:
• Articulate the business benefits of an accessible website.
• Describe the assistive devices used by disabled people to overcome accessibility barriers.
• Demystify accessibility compliance documents and laws.
• Evaluate web site accessibility and define how accessibility standards will be met.
• Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of on-line accessibility tools.
• Use standards and guidelines to design sophisticated, accessible sites that will work in future browsers as well as current ones.

This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

Accessibility standards explained
• W3C / WAI

Legal standing
• DDA and other laws

Introduction to accessibility
• What does it mean?
• Who’s affected?
• Assistive technology demonstration
• Video presentation

Practical examples
• The good, bad and ugly of accessible sites

Testing for accessibility compliance
• Simple tools and techniques available to everyone

Creating accessible sites
• Dispelling common myths
• Easy work around
• Writing for the web
• Basic best practise compliance

Practical introduction to WAI
• Overview of simplified standards
• Participatory site inspection

New technology challenge introduction
• Web 2.0
• Ajax
• Multimedia

Future trends
• Cross platform compliance (TV and mobile)
• Video presentation


Chris Averill, CAD Interactive
Chris is a young, dynamic proven leader for innovative interactive and communication design. An expert interface designer with industry, leading usability and IA expertise. Chris promotes user centred design, from the users and the business perspective.

His career has seen him launch HomeChoice in 1996, lead BUPA’s web team, deliver web and interactive TV projects for Arthur Andersen and most recently launch BT Vision.

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