825 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

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Sir Neville Marriner says that the small ensemble he founded in 1958 “had no intention of giving any concerts or continuing forever.” Happily, whatever the initial intention, the Academy is firmly established more than 50 years later as one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras. Formed from a group of leading London musicians and working without a conductor, the Academy gave its first performance in its namesake church in November 1959. For their first UMS appearance in 11 years, the Academy brings their highly lauded sound to an exquisite all-Beethoven program. Superstar violinist Joshua Bell attacks the stunning Beethoven Concerto with his breathtaking virtuosity and sumptuous tone and leads the rest of the program from the concertmaster’s chair.

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RSA Parties

This reception brings with it years of tradition of being nothing short of excellent. A single wing of this three wing property is bigger and nicer than most houses in San Francisco. The hosts are friendly and kind.

The snacks are excellent. One long-time attendee told this reviewer that the Nuremberger bratwurst served at a previous year's reception were the best she ever had outside some smoky bratwurst haus in downtown Nuremberg that has been grilling bratwurst for centuries.

The salmon canapées are a perennial favorite. The wine is recommendable. The artwork in the main reception hall changes each year. While your RSA Party Team won't claim that we liked each of the pieces, we all agree that none of the pieces have been boring.

Made some solid contacts at this reception over the years that lead to direct business in short order.