6265 Crescent Road, UBC
Vancouver, British Columbia

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC Vancouver)
Student Services Building Foyer (UBC Okanagan)
Cities increasingly contain the world's population and command its natural resources. They are, on a tremendous scale, the cockpit of political economy and social development.

Above all else cities hold the key to our global environmental future. That future will depend on decisions about individual and collective values and lifestyle. Being the place of most obvious interchange between citizens and their diverse backgrounds and status, capacities and needs, contemporary urban societies highlight the problems and opportunities for building sustainable and inclusive global communities.

The ideal of secure and just society has been the imaginary and material goal written into the great texts and traditions of the diverse societies forming the increasingly vulnerable global community. The achievement of resilient and responsible urban development seems ever more difficult. The myriad of academic and research resources represented by the university has much to contribute to transforming the situation from despair or daunting challenge to the potential for fundamental change.

All are welcome to attend the symposium, at either the Chan Centre at UBC Vancouver or the Student Services Building Foyer at UBC Okanagan. No ticket is required, however registration of your attendance would be appreciated.

Official Website: http://www.president.ubc.ca/installation_symposium.html

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