Duboce and Valencia
San Francisco, California

After being gone for the last month, I've been dying for another games get together at Zeitgeist. I know a lot of people that couldn't make it to the last one, and have been bugging me to do another one, so let's see how this Saturday works.

I'll bring some abstract strategy games (such as Abalone and this keen random chess variant I found), You are welcome to bring games as well, if anyone is designing a new game, lets play test it.

Zeitgeist is real chill on weekends at lunch time, so drinks are readily available and so are the burgers.

I'll also bring some yo-yos and some of my crafts for folks to play with.

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/1571841760/

Added by DocPop on November 7, 2007



Sounds like fun!!