2525 8th Street
Berkeley, California 94710

Master improvisers Bob Ernst and Ruth Zaporah reunite for a 1-night show Zaporah, an internationally renowned performer and teacher of her own form of physical theater, “Action Theater, The Improvisation of Presence”, moved from the Bay Area to New Mexico in 2001, so this is a rare opportunity to see her perform locally.

Ernst was co-founder of the legendary Blake Street Hawkeyes (Whoopee Goldberg's launching ground) and was an early pioneer of distinctly personal one man shows. He played recent leading roles in the SF Mime Troup’s “Red State” and “The People’s Temple” at Berkeley Rep. Film and television credits include “Jumpin' Jack Flash”, “Escape from Alcatraz”, “Nash Bridges” and “Hill Street Blues” – but he is best known for his darkly comic, extremely physical, original solo work.

The two met and began collaborating during Berkeley's heyday of experimental theater, the 1970s. Then, their work was innovative and ground-breaking. Today, it stands out as a polished, well-hewn classic.

Western Sky Studio, 2525 8th St., Berkeley, on July 11, 8pm, $20 admission.

Official Website: http://momentsnoticeimprov.wordpress.com/

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