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- Live Tools: in-depth use of Live's included instruments, audio effects and creative MIDI effects
- Rack Addict: maximizing Live's included instruments and effects by utilizing racks with macro controls, implementing 3rd-party VSTs and VST-Is, racks within racks (within racks [within racks])
- Polishing your Creation: Recording and editing your performance in the Arrange view with advanced editing commands, contextual editing menus, multi-clip editing, in-depth automation and multiple automation lanes, track freezing and flattening
- The Mix in Three Spectrums: Amplitude and compression, frequency and EQ, stereo and panning
- The Bounce: Normalization and mastering concepts – peak vs. RMS, multi-band dynamics, master EQ, limiting and dithering for optimal results

Prerequisites: Basic Ableton Foundations and Advanced Ableton workshops and/or general comfort warping loops, writing MIDI, triggering clips and scenes, assigning automation, automating clips, composing in the MIDI editor, executing follow actions, using drum racks, applying and extracting grooves; laptop with Ableton Live 8 installed (demo or trial version acceptable), headphones suggested, midi controller and audio interface optional. To download the demo, visit Ableton.com

Official Website: http://www.richmediainstitute.com

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