8 West Fuxing Rd
Shanghai, Shanghai

Quoting Danwei.org:

Those of you around last November might recall the brief Chinese-spiced bluegrass and old-time invasion of a four-piece outfit lead by banjo player and singer-songwriter (and former Beijing resident) Abigail Washburn. Those of you who weren?t may have heard of her imminent arrival. On this, her second China tour in just over a year, she?s backed up by a new full-length album (Song of the Traveling Daughter, on Nettwerk Records,) and a flurry of American (and Chinese) media attention

Her original take on traditional folk and old-time American music has an added twist: A melding of the musical and linguistic traditions of the Middle Kingdom. Two songs on her solo debut are original compositions with Chinese lyrics including the title track, a riff on the classic Meng Jiao poem 游子吟 (?Song of the Traveling Son?).

This year, she'll be appearing with very special guest, eight-time Grammy winner Bela Fleck for a limited number of shows; at all four shows, Abigail will be joined by fiddler Casey Driessen (who also came last year) and cellist Ben Sollee.


PLACE: Cotton Club (8 West Fuxing Rd, somewhere between Huashan and Urumqi Rds)
TIME: Tuesday Nov 29th
TIX: RMB 35 minimum drink
* Abigail Washburn ("bilingual banjo player")
* Casey Driessen
* Ben Sollee
* Béla Fleck


Added by msittig on November 18, 2005



each of these musicians is worth the price of admission. hearing them together is a rare, rare opportunity. abigail washburn is one of the most original talents anywhere, and having bela fleck and casey driessen by her side elevates the event to a place that's beyond description. i heard them at beijing's icehouse last week, and i'm going back for more tonight. you've never heard of either and need some affirmation? okay: www.belafleck.com and www.abigailwashburn.com. the fact that bela is here with abigail despite his astonishing schedule is a substantial testament to the significance of what you'll hear if you go...


I realize that Bela fleck must have already performed at the Cotton Club, but if by chance someone is going there again in the next day or so, please say hello to my favorite brother, Greg Smith, who play guitar at the Cotton Club. With lots of love from his favorite sister Pat in Boulder, CO