20 West Street
Boston, Massachusetts

* The Mobile Office: Take Your Desktop in Your Pocket by Paul Unger and Debbie Foster
* New Resources and Personal Knowledge Management by Catherine Sanders Reach and me (yes I consider myself an exciting speaker - someone has to or my self-esteem would be shot!)
* Shock and Awe: PowerPoint for Opening Statements and Closing Arguments by Paul Unger and Catherine Sanders Reach
* Turbocharge Your Practice With Affordable Technology | Alan Klevan and Rodney Dowell
* PDF-ing for Lawyers by Debbie Foster and me again!
* Look Who’s Talking! What Lawyers Need to Know about Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition by (the most exciting!) Jim Calloway and Dave Bilinsky
* The Lawyer’s Guide to Managing Client and Case Information with Outlook by Debbie Foster and me
* Accidentally Successful: How to Tell if You and Your Firm are Making Money by Jim Calloway and Dave Bilinsky
* 60 Law Practice Management Tips in 60 Minutes by Debbie Foster, Catherine Sanders Reach, Paul Unger
* 60 Essential Web Sites in 60 Minutes by Dave Bilinsky, Jim Calloway, Adriana Linares

Official Website: http://www.massbar.org/about-the-mba/mba-calendar/other-mba-events/aba-techshow-road-show

Added by Doug Cornelius on January 13, 2009