214 S Fourth Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Weekly lunch group.

A summary of last week's event:

Meeting recap, as short as possible. We had 16 people, new record.

Laura (mitten) is going to the symphony and redoing her web site for SXSW.
Spencer shepherded out a code release for JSTOR and is spending time on Flickr.
Don is getting his infosec web site up and is publishing on Global Cyber Risk.
Brian (bkerr) is recovering from Recent Changes Camp and handed out a Local Names flier.
Matt is at JSTOR and has an itch to do a startup again. (First time at a2b3)
Bill (wtozier) explains things to people and is doing an agile research and collaboration startup.
Tom (studytag) is doing business plan improvement and is working on SAT improvement skills.
Larry (polygon) handed out library district maps and is raising reelection money on President's Day.
Kathy has a really bad cold.
Mark doesn't have a really bad cold yet, and was at CodeMash in Ohio.
Jose launched ATLAS and is getting caught up with sleep.
Lance is looking for transcoders in Darwin Ports.
Ed (a2b3, vacuum, superpatron) is playing World of GoogleCraft and going to school for NAAPID.
Helene (hsgconsultingllc) is doing independent project management and grief counseling.
Joe has a new X60 Thinkpad and is reorganizing his laptop for the nth time.
Matt (mahatm) is working on the Residential College's 40th anniversary and working at AADL.

Show and tell:

polygon: map of Washtenaw County library districts
bkerr: flyer from the Local Names project
bkerr: business cards from Print100, $0.03 ea from Hong Kong, nifty rounded corners
emv: moo card with Link Bus map
bkerr: badge from Recent Changes Camp


emv: LocalNames plugin or script for Ecto so I can link this at typing speed, and an a2b3 namespace.

Meeting notes and rituals:

Introductions around the table starts at 12:30 and should take about 1 min apiece. We were in at about 11:45, grabbed 5 tables, and I left at 1pm. Meeting writeup took 20 minutes.

Official Website: http://vielmetti.typepad.com/a2b3/

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