214 S Fourth Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Weekly a2b3 lunch outing. No set agenda; we do a round of introductions, and people say what they are working on and do a little show and tell. Main invite list kept on Yahoo has about 80 people, last week we had 15 or 16 show up. News about jobs (wanted or offered) always a topic of the day. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Eastern Accents lunch runs $5-$10. Bi bim bop (the group's signature food) is $7.50 (beef), $7.25 (veg).

I'm hoping that next week I'll have "a2b3" stickers, bring $5 US, $5 CDN, 5 Euros, or an unexpired transit card from anywhere in the world worth at least $5 if you want one.

Official Website: http://vielmetti.typepad.com/a2b3/

Added by emv on February 1, 2007



looks like stickers are a 2-8 week delay if you want to buy them in bulk cheap. the good news is that in bulk cheap comes to less than $0.25 ea. the bad news is minimum order $20-$50. cafe press is one each $2.50, not bad for what it is.

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