Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108
Zandvoort, Noord-Holland 2041 KP

Circuit Park Zandvoort will play host to the first race in the 2006/07 season from 29 September - 1 October 2006. Benefiting from the excitement of the first race, and the most enthusiastic fans in the world, A1 Team Netherlands home race is bound to be one of the highlights on the A1 Grand Prix calendar.

Circuit Park Zandvoort has the reputation of being a drivers track, with the Tarzan corner at the end of the main straight being one of the most challenging, and particularly good for overtaking. With their low downforce and PowerBoost facility, this will surely be the focus of a lot of overtaking for the A1 Cars.

The fastest lap on the current Grand Prix circuit of 1:19.880 seconds is held by Luca Badoer and was set in 2001 during a demonstration of the Ferrari F1-2001.

Situated less than 30 km from Amsterdam and close to the North Sea Coastline, Zandvoort is also a popular tourist destination as well being home to one of Europe's best race circuits. 4.5 million visitors a year take advantage of the 9km stretch of beach, 35 pubs and 55 restaurants, making Zandvoort a great holiday destination as well as a great opportunity to see the A1 Cars in action.

Official Website: http://www.a1gp.com/racing/season_new.php?flashNavId=7

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