3029 SE 21st, Portland, OR 97202
Portland, Oregon 97202

A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Volunteer Meeting

Un Mundo Más Allá del Capitalismo Una Conferencia Anual de Paz Para Crear Uniones Internacionales y Multirraciales
We are coming together to volunteer for conference positions, submit conference proposals and to help make the conference as community inclusive and productive as possible. All meetings are suitable for the entire family. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups, feminists, LGBTQ groups and all marginalized groups. For a recorded greeting with more information, please call the AWBC Nationwide infoline anytime, 24 hours a day, at (503) 727-2622.
Come and enjoy free vegan refreshments, friends and the feeling of working for worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this wonderful volunteer meeting! Bike maps and more are available on our website. This meeting is suitable for the entire family. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and marginalized groups.

Good news! We have made several thousand Micro-flyers (which are environmentally friendly because of their small size) and we would like to distribute them to people who show up for the meeting.

For details go to
http://www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org or
htt://www.CommonUnityPeaceConference.org or call
(503) 727-2622 and leave a message.
Time and Date: Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 meeting is 5pm-7pm.
Location: Peoples Coop Community Room, 3029 SE 21st, Portland, OR 97202

Location: Community Room in People?s Co-Op Market

Free vegan refreshments. All are welcome. Bienvenidos.

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Print out PDF or document version flyers from this page:
Thank you all!

Activists! Join us!
?Activistas Únanse!
For more information, click on "volunteer" when you visit our website at http://www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org or http://www.CommonUnityPeaceConference.org

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